Sunday, October 24, 2010


I need to create more time do do the things I need to do.  There's so much information to gather and make sense of.  Then it needs to be packaged and shared.  Today, there are so many places to share that information too.

I need to write a book on problem solving and a book on leadership, but I have no writing discipline at the moment.  To cultivate that, I created this blog last summer with big plans to write a lot here, then collect those free-flowing thoughts into a book after a year or so.  But here I am, over a year later, with only a couple of random thoughts documented.

I hope I can change that now, in the midst of a bunch of changes for me...good changes...empowering changes. 

I also need to develop a few presentations and workshops for delivery through the web.  Lots of cool tools to use these days, but learning how to use them is a challenge.  Right now, I'm playing with Blogger, Facebook, LinkedIn, PBworks, iWeb, and trying to figure out hosting services.  I need to make some videos, too, all to get a message out about leadership, leadership development, compression, and person-centered work design.

Let me know how I do and what you want to hear about.